Everything you need to Know about Vulvo Vaginal Rejuvenation – Is it Safe?

Women have a complicated body and many times they have to lose a lot of their aesthetic features because of pregnancy and menopause. During pregnancy, the belly of women grows and many times it is hard to reduce the accumulated fat post-pregnancy. After giving birth, their genitals get severely affected. Fortunately, they can now resort to a treatment known as vagina rejuvenation. In this process, the doctor will non-surgically try to rejuvenate the appearance of the female genital, so that they can relive their younger days.

The doctor will remodel the outer lips of the vagina to tighten it up for greater pleasure during a sexual intercourse. This treatment also helps in reducing the pain and the uneasiness during the intercourse, which women tend to face. In this article, we will be talking about this treatment and its procedure.

 Learn some facts about vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation will be a critical procedure, which can give you great results. If you are planning to get this treatment, you can visit Elise Bernier’s Clinic because they are considered as the best. Contact them by logging onto elisebernier.ca. Here are some facts about the treatment –

  • The main components of this treatment includes tightening of the vagina, remodeling the labia, recreating the hymen for more sexual pleasure, remodeling the clitoral hood etc.
  • There are various kinds of vaginal rejuvenation treatments including the Platelet Rich Plasma (in this the doctor will artificially discard all the red blood cells and insert plasma which can help in urinary incontinence).
  • The o-shot treatment is considered as one of the most efficient. Here, the doctor will insert tropical anesthesia as well as the platelet rich plasma solution to the clitoris which is usually associated with sexual desire and pleasure. It can result in greater pleasure, vaginal tightening, decrease in the urinary incontinence etc.

There are various other kinds of treatments, which can involve radiofrequency and laser. These treatments are meant to be performed under expert supervision.

Know some of the side effects of this treatment – Is it safe?

There are no severe side effects of this treatment. However, one can notice redness or slight swelling near the treated area post the treatment. The main risks of this treatment can involve infection around the treated area specifically, if the treatment involves laser or radiofrequency. The patient will face some sort of pain and excess white discharge after the treatment is done for 1-2 days.

Since this treatment is so critical, it must be performed under expert supervision to avoid any mishaps.

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