Experience the Soothing Power of Pilates in Perth

Globalisation and multiculturalism have brought the world together as we have come to recognise the true breadth and rich panoply of human experience. Instead of seeing the world in abstract and generalised universals, we are increasingly coming to appreciate the value of seeing the world diversely, and through one another’s eyes. That said, no matter where you look, there’s one word to describe life today just about everywhere—fast. From ever-faster “planes, trains, and automobiles” to the advent of social media, the pace of life has increased dramatically, making it harder than ever to find time to slow down, collect yourself and, in between commuting to and from work in your car and hunching over a computer once there, get a little exercise in.


Pilates, which is a fitness philosophy and technique created in Germany, popularised in America, and now widespread throughout the world, is a perfect example of multiculturalism at work, all while offering time out from the breakneck pace of modern life. Here, then, is a quick guide to this fitness phenomenon.

Why Pilates?

There are plenty of reasons Pilates has taken off in popularity in the past few years, not the least of which is its ability to give us all a nice break from the hustle and bustle of modern life with some soothing stretches and exercises. There are many different variations of Pilates practiced and taught today, nearly all of which make use of some or all of the original Six Core Values of Pilates, which are Concentration, Center, Control, Precision, Flow, and Breathing. Each of those principles has its own purposes and complexities; for example, certain breathing methods can help keep your body better oxygenated, and thus keep you more awake and refreshed. These can be explained and demonstrated by professional Pilates instructors. If you’re interested in taking Pilates in South Perth, you’ll want to find a studio that adheres to as many of these principles as possible. There’s just something mentally and ergonomically satisfying about putting those principles into practice, making Pilates a great way to get fit and enjoy yourself at the same time. Both the physical and mental benefits of Pilates can leave you feeling stronger and more refreshed than ever. What’s more, given how much work there is to do and the fast pace of the corporate world today, Pilates represents a way to squeeze a little guilt-free “me time” into your daily routine.


Clinical Pilates

That said, what can Pilates can do for you in terms of actual medical help? The answer? Quite a bit, actually.

Besides the more free and loose sessions for which Pilates is now famous, there are also more structured methods practiced by physiotherapists. As noted, certain methods of breathing can be highly beneficial to circulation, which can be used by physiotherapists to help you combat everything from muscle tension to high blood pressure. If you are undergoing physical therapy, Pilates-inspired stretches and exercises may be a key part of your road to recovery.

Whether you’re looking to get fit, recover from an accident, or just enjoy a soothing stretch break in the middle of the day, Pilates represents a whole new world of fitness and comfort.

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