Great Tips When Choosing Mala Beads

Yes, mala beads are quite beneficial to have. They will not only inspire you in meditating and will help you focus on what you’re doing, but at the same time, they are also attractive enough to complement whatever you will wear. This is why, mala beads providers will not have a hard time marketing their products. One of the providers is the Meditative Wisdom. They don’t only sell mala beads but also mala bags and meditation cushions. Thus if you are into meditation, you should check them out. Just note though that because of the fact that there are so many variations of mala beads, whether in bracelet or necklace form, you might find it hard to choose which one to buy. Is this your constant dilemma as well? If so, you might be guided by these tips below.


Check out these tips below in choosing your mala beads:

  • The design should be the first aspect in the mala beads that will catch your eyes. Actually, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the designs like it is entirely up to you. So, if the moment you see them and you approve of their design, then most probably, they are the ones that are right for you. It is all about what types of mala beads attract you the most.
  • Color is the next aspect you might want to consider. If you have your own favorite color, then you can start from it. However, there are times when we ignore our favorite color because there are other blends that really attract your attention. You can also go for that at times, or maybe you will buy more than one mala beads necklace or bracelet.


  • Then the reason why you are buying the mala beads is another aspect you need to consider so that you will know which one among the arrays of mala beads you will choose. If you are planning to use it for counting, you might choose a knotted mala. However, if what you plan is to use it for a yoga practice, then you can choose the full length mala that can be wrapped around the wrist. Determining the function of the mala beads can help you as well which one to use.
  • You can also choose mala beads depending on the meanings of their colors. Take note of this: blue means calm and peace; green for financial abundance; yellow means happiness; red means passion; pink means job; white means purity; black means protection. This should give you a good idea how you want the mala beads to function for you. The materials have meanings as well. You can check for them online.


These are just some suggestions that you can choose to follow or not. Note that there are really no rules when it comes to your preferences of mala beads. Besides, you can always buy mala beads even if you are not into meditation actually.

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