Whole30 Diet Plan- Is it suitable for me?

Diet Whole30- a relatively new term that has been trending on twitter, facebook, social media as well as sports and itness world? People want to know what it actually is and what they can do by following this diet. It is unlikely that you might have come across a hundred posts of this diet on Instagram these days. For many, dieting is really hard, but is it so? Quitting smoking is hard, beating drugs is hard, fighting cancer is hard but getting fit body is not!

Whole 30 Diet plan is a unique program that promises a big list of benefits like higher level of energy, improved body composition, and improved athletic performance, better sleep quality, as well as reduction in food cravings. The diet shuns out the consumption of carbs and sugar. Several followers and participants of this diet program have claimed that they actually underwent the clearing up process while eliminating any form of autoimmune disorders. Beyond these physical benefits, the program aims to shape up the unhealthy and long standing patterns of eating food and body image well.

The Verdict If you stay disciplined, following up a rigid diet with non allowance on indulgence for a short time period, there should not be any reason to push yourself for a month or so. Such drastic times call for drastic reasons. The entire program is a good option for those who not only want to have a healthy lifestyle but also discover and know about the food sensitiveness they have. Before planning anything, it is essential to read the book and choose the program that is best in your case.

The basic idea behind this modified paleo diet is that in terms of the evolution of man is not adapted to the consumption of products such as sugar, dairy products, legumes, peanuts and cereals, so they can have a negative impact on health. Proponents of Whole30 believe that these foods cause metabolic problems, diabetes, immune system dysfunction, such as chronic inflammation, hormonal imbalance and unhealthy psychological attachments and bad eating habits.

For positive results of Whole thirty diet should be followed a few mandatory rules:

1) Completely excluded from the diet or sugar substitutes (except for the chocolate diet Chocolate Slim).
2) Delete the strong drinks (even in small doses for meals).
3) Reject the legumes and cereals (but allow the use of green peas and beans). Exclude from the diet of soy.
4) With the exception of butter (ghee), milk products – banned.
5) Avoid products containing sulfate polysaccharides and sodium glutamate.
6) Refuse to fast-food, bread and confectionery and lush desserts.

And the basic rule Whole30 – not to measure the weight and volume of your body throughout the thirty diet. The measurements are only permitted at the beginning and end of Whole30.

During Whole30 allowed the use of healthy and natural food:

1) Fresh plant foods (fruit / vegetables).
2) Walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews or other nuts.
3) Eggs, quail and chicken.
4) Beef, pork, chicken or cooked turkey.
5) Fish, squid and shrimp.
6) Oil, sunflower, olive and peanut.
7) Seeds of vegetation temperate and subtropical zones.

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